Hello, I am

Vuk M.

Software Engineer with a product mindset.


What I’ve been doing for the last couple of years.

Lead Software Engineer


Engineered, developed and optimized a leading e-commerce platform for performance car parts, handling database design, server management, and integration with advanced search engines.

Software Engineer


Worked on multiple diverse projects, gaining hands-on experience with technologies such as Node.js, Express, React, AWS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Next.js, Docker, Scala, React Native, SQL and NoSQL databases.

QA Teaching Assistant

CODE by Comtrade

Taught a class of ambitious students manual and automated testing with Python and Selenium, covering script creation, test strategies, test cases and scenarios, as well as extrapolating and showing test data.

Web Developer


Held roles in client engagement and workflow development, focusing on improving operational efficiency and elevating productivity levels.

Freelance Web Developer

Multiple clients

Worked with diverse freelance clients, delivering customized solutions to ensure project satisfaction and driving growth.

To learn more about my work history, you can refer to my up-to-date resume, or get in touch directly.

Education & Certs

What I’ve been doing studying for the last couple of years.

Computer Science

“MEF” University

Pursued computer science, emphasizing algorithms, data structures, programming, software development, database management, and best practices. Focused on hands-on projects to strengthen problem-solving skills and understanding of practical applications.

Electrical Engineer of Information Technologies

ETŠ “Rade Končar”

Attained an Electrical Engineer of Information Technologies diploma in high school. Studied electrical engineering and IT fundamentals, including algorithms, data structures, and industry best practices. Gained hands-on experience through projects, blending theory with practical application.

Introduction to Android Development Certification

“FON” University

Certification in Android Development: A comprehensive program covering Android app design, development, and deployment using the latest tools and practices. Emphasized hands-on learning to create functional, user-friendly applications.

Advanced JavaScript certification

“Singidunum” University

JavaScript Certification: Focused on mastering JavaScript essentials, from basic syntax to advanced concepts including asynchronous programming and framework utilization. Emphasized practical projects to develop dynamic web applications.