Hi. I'm Vuk, a software engineer/web developer/marketer/whatever the new buzz word of the month is.

Ever since I was a child, I would constantly play with tools that a child should not be playing with, and, as a punishment, I would be sent inside the house. Without anything better to do, I would disassemble random things around the house, simply to see how they worked. Well, things went sour when I took apart the TV and couldn’t put it back.

Let me tell you, dad was not happy.

Since my breaking stuff hobby was ruined, I started playing computer games. Then, out of nowhere, I was playing a game and wondered how when I click something over here, something happens over there?!

And that’s how I met your mother got interested in tech.

One thing led to another and 15 years later, here I am! Not sitting on my PC at 3 in the morning, but studying about computers and doing computer-related work for a living.

Over the years, I’ve learned Adobe Creative Cloud, C#, C++, C, Java, JS, Python, PHP, WordPress, whatever the new javascript library of the month is, how to tie my shoes, etc…

My skills have brought me many places(This site is one of them) and I ended up with about 30+ projects before my 21st birthday.

Some of them were found by knowing the right people, some by being at the right place at the right time, and others were found because I’m a broke college student.

I dropped my phone and broke the screen(This generation and their careless behavior am I right?) So, not having money to take it to the shop, I bought a replacement screen and some cheap tools online and fixed it myself.

Sprinkle in some fairy dust and I’m now running a cell phone and computer repair shop???

Yeah, I really don’t know how that one happened.

Eventually, I realized that people weren’t exactly going to take my word for everything, and at that point, I went out and got a few certificates and a college degree is currently on the way. (I knew I should have paid extra for 2-day shipping)

So, anyway, the 10 minutes and 1 second YouTube video explaining how to set up your professional overview with *8* ads in it told me that I should actually put something useful here, so, here it goes.



I’m an optimization freak. Spend 3 hours automating a 15-minute task? Count me in!
I’m good with a wide specter of technologies and stacks.
I can do system software, web sites, web apps.
I can do both raster and vector design.
I have experience in online marketing and SEO.
I have real-world experience with my work.
I have a passion for learning, a strong work ethic, and witty content writing(I pride myself a lot with this one).

Here are some certifications that I *cough* *cough* “acquired” during the years: 

  • Intro to Android Development– FON
  • Beginner HTML, CSS and JavaScript– ICT
  • Advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript– ICT
  • WordPress Development– MEF
  • WordPress Development– Singidunum
  • Advanced Javascript– Singidunum
  • MET Tech – Univerzitet Metropolitan
  • Intro to Game Development – Univerzitet Metropolitan
Also, I’m currently studying Software Engineering at MEF University.

My hobbies include owning Fortnite kiddos and watching a lot of, apparently, useless YouTube videos. I also like the outdoors. And cookies