Case Study: We Share Office spaces


We Share is a company located in Belgrade, Serbia. Their main business model is renting out office spaces, in the form of either private offices, or coworking spaces. What sets them apart from the competition is the location of their spaces. They have spaces in every major business area in Belgrade, ensuring no one can be more than 10 minutes away from their partners.


The challenge

Although We Share has spaces in all the right locations, they never quite knew how to market them. Their sales funnels were practically “Call us, please” and the only way someone could reach them was by a phone call. Every person who has a lot of daily phone calls just got war flashbacks from that sentence. Generally speaking, there is only so much time in a day, and phone calls don’t scale well.


The solution

At the same time, their site was being completed, they also hired a new marketing agency to take over social media, content writing, etc. I’ll just be focusing on the site – the part that I did.

So, how do you fundamentally change a sales funnel? You make it easier for people to find the information on their own than to call. Sounds simple right?


The first thing that found their way to their site was a contact form, as well as an online booking app. The app synced with the companies Google Calendar, pulling data from the Calendar and displaying available times for tours of their spaces. This way, interested clients could schedule a tour of an office with two clicks, get a confirmation email, and be done with it. No social anxiety from having to make a phone call, two minutes, in and out. A We Share sales rep would call them later, to confirm and get some more details, but that was again drastically reduced.


That covers the people who wanted a tour, but what if you had some questions that needed answering? For that part of the demographic, we structured the site in a way that information was readily available, even at the cost of it being redundant and a slight performance penalty. Every space had its own page, its own services, tl;dr, virtual tour, you get the point. Another “Services” page was also added, providing even more details about each service. Finally, a contact form was added to each page, making it even easier for people to get the help they needed.


Of course, further SEO and performance tweaks were implemented, resulting in We Share having faster load times than the entire competition. That was probably around 10 hours of work, and I can’t be bothered to type out every single thing that I did performance-wise, so here’s an image:



The aftermath

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