I’ve been working closely with Vuk Marinkovic for the past two years (2021-2023) on several software
development projects, and it’s been an incredible experience. Vuk is a young software engineer with
maturity far above his years.

Working with Vuk is always a pleasant experience. He is not only a great listener but also incredibly
passionate about his work. Vuk goes the extra mile where most would probably stop, and he keeps
addressing his knowledge gaps throughout continuous learning about technology and management. He
never stops asking questions about the active guidance to close all the identified gaps and from there
pushing forward.

Vuk’s entrepreneurial drive is evident in his proactive approach to problem-solving. His curiosity and
desire to work hard to find solutions are remarkable. He approaches his work with a high level of
excitement, energy, and positivism since he understands how proposed solutions will benefit clients and
why change is necessary in the first place.

I am assured that Vuk’s unique combination of entrepreneurial determination, technical expertise, and
commitment to professional advancement will propel him to great success. He is a true professional with
a promising future.

Marko Jagodić, Founder and CEO of Final Line Technologies; Senior Project Manager at SpiceFactory

Here is one event that best describes my experience with Vuk.
I was working on one of those projects that was riddled with problems from the start. There was
a mismatch of competence of the dev team and the project requirements. On top of that,
communication all around was poor.
Being an observant guy he is, Vuk noticed that he had skills that could be helpful for the project
and offered to step in and help out. Not only did he help with the development, but he
communicated with the client, with our subcontractors, the SEO team, gathered necessary
information, proposed the next steps and everything else that was necessary to get the project
to completion.
I can say that without Vuk this project would, if not entirely fail, then at least get dragged on for
months more.
Vuk is great at both personal and professional communication. I have witnessed many times the
way he explains the problem and proposes a solution in such a manner that everyone can
Vuk is much more than a software engineer; he is a problem-solver. He will take the problem or
a task, poke around the edges of its scope to make sure that there is nothing lurking in the
shadows that might creep in later on. He does this by using his broad knowledge of different
topics and concepts, by communicating with the right people and, finally, by knowing his craft –
software engineering.
Most importantly, Vuk is someone you can count on to get the job done. It doesn’t take long
before you realize that leaving a project in his hands is a wise thing to do. Vuk will let you know
when you are needed.
Vuk has struck a fine balance between humbleness and confidence, which helps him be an
indispensable member of any team. It was my pleasure and privilege to have worked with Vuk
for two and a half years.

Branko Tomić, CXO, SpiceFactory


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